Monday, 4 April 2011

Haunch of Venison/Meekyoung Shin

This was my fourth trip to Haunch of Venison (HOV) in the last year, its located around the corner from my office on Heddon Street and therefore is enticingly close! Not only does HOV give members of the public free entry but it can be replied upon to hand pick exciting exhibitors for them to feast their eyes upon.
This particular trip was to see the Korean born Meekyoung Shin exhibition which features work from her 'Translation' and 'Ghost Series' projects. The work, cleverly made from soap (much to the astonishment of my Mother who had tagged along for the ride) was in the form of a series of vases. The 'Translation' room vessels had a Chinese inspired feel to their porcelain vases displayed with their packaging crates used to transport them to their different locations. According to HOV 'By rendering these precious objects in a seemingly fragile and transient material such as soap, Shin questions the authority and originality the original vases demand.'
The 'Ghost Series' was my favourite room (see attached pics). These vases (also created in soap) were sorted into different colour-themed tables and due to their lack of original markings and choice of material gave the suggestion of their origins shape through a 'ghost' like form.
All in all a very worthwhile show to see, it was a pleasure to be introduced to the work of Meekyoung Shin and experience something new and surprising. Unfortunately the show ended this weekend but you can still read about it here: