Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pick Me Up / Victo Ngai

I had the pleasure of visiting the Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset House this week, I absolutely loved it! Generally speaking (as I’m sure many of you know when you work in this industry) you get invited to all sorts of shows. Most of the time I never buy anything, its probably to do with the fact that I’d bankrupt myself before you can say ‘Limited Edition’ if I bought everything I liked. However, Pick Me Up was different. There was lots of wonderful artwork to be had, my chosen highlights would be MVM, Anthony Burill’s Studio, McBess, Kate Moross and Jessica Hische.
My particular favourite was Victo Ngai. Victo, aka Victoria Ngai (her English name from school), aka Ngai Chuen Ching (her Chinese name) is definitely one to look out for. Her work has many fusions of style, the most dominant being Japanese prints and coincidently one of my most favourite forms of art. I purchased the two prints below, ‘Bowl Cut’ and ‘Lost in Translation,’ more of her work can be seen at

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