Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Stylish Coffee

I don’t drink coffee but Rob does and that would be enough excuse to buy this gem of a Nespresso Machine! The nice thing about this rather stylish item is that due to the choice of palette by Manish Arora it would arguably fit comfortably in most kitchens. The beautiful illustrations tell a story of ‘Nespresso’ the girl whom Bacchitarius (King of a far away kingdom) marries and has 16 daughters with. The reason Bacchitarius found Nespresso so irresistible was because of her unique scent. Their daughters inherit their own unique scent, each different to the other and have a mission bestowed upon them to spread their love and this perfume around the world.
Arora is of course an established Indian fashion designer ( and although this project is a little different to how we would usually display his work I think it’s easy to say that the transition has been a successful one. He is known for his fusion of traditional Indian crafts with a Western edge.
Should you wish to get your hands on one the Limited Edition CitiZ machine is available in the UK at Selfridges. 

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