Friday, 4 March 2011

Port Magazine

I picked myself up a brand spanking new first copy of 'Port' Magazine today which promises to be 'The new intelligent style magazine for men.' I am no literary buff so shall not focus on the writing but will say that I was really excited to see some beautiful page layouts and some equally beautiful photography adorning the rather nice matt stock. I love the fact that as you turn the pages the rich variety of composition keeps the look fresh and pleasing to the eye. With a number of high profile contributors to boast of, including Daniel Day-Lewis, Samantha Morton, Jon Snow, Will Self etc this new venture has obviously been a long, considered project that will appeal to not only men but women also. I imagine that this will be the magazine girlfriends/wives will want their men to buy just so that they get to have a look too! Being a fan of illustration, I was pleased to see that Port had made the effort to source 2 established artists, one being an old tutor of mine, Jason Ford.
Unsurprisingly this publication is a quarterly magazine, aligning itself with seasonal release dates. Port have created a special publication that encompasses a wide range of topics, presenting them in a beautifully thought out design. I look forward to seeing Summer! You can also check out their website

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