Saturday, 19 February 2011

Fantastical Feasts

I know there are lots of people who actually enjoy going to bookshops and spending hours in there. I (probably to my discredit) don’t. Occasionally I’ll pop into a Waterstones but generally speaking buy all my reading material on Amazon. I think the issue for me is that I don’t want to wade through a shop searching for where my chosen title might be, I just want to put it into the ‘search’ box and have it found for me.
However, today I had a free half hour and so thought I’d spend it (trying) to get away from the crowds and popped into Waterstones. I happened to come across Heston Blumenthal’s special edition ‘Fantastical Feasts.’ Each book is signed and numbered by the big guy himself and thanks to the Ginger Monkey aka Tom Lane really is something special to look at, inside and out. Initially it reminded me of a bible with its plum red and gold palette, not to mention the beautiful, ornate slip case cover design. There is almost a feel of Art Nouveau to his handiwork, a genre that is currently enjoying a revival. Having said that he is quoted in a Creative Boom ( interview as actually shying away from design trends due to their distraction.
One of the things I enjoyed about his folio is that it is varied and executed well with everything from hints of vintage Liberty and Mackintosh to a psychedelic 60’s feel Chipmunk. I have to admit I hadn’t come across Tom’s work before but without a doubt will wait with enthusiasm for his future projects. View Tom’s work at

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