Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Jaguar E-Type

There are a select number of automobiles that have people conjuring up the title ‘the most beautiful car in the world’ but this little gem is up there with them. One of the most famous car manufacturers in Britain, Jaguar, created a rare classic when they designed and made the E-Type 50 years ago. Its fair to say that you have more chance of the planets aligning than having the Godfather of luxury cars, Enzo Ferrari, delighting in a cars lines that are not from the drawing board of his team. The bullet-like shell was dreamt up by the genius engineering know how of Malcolm Sayer, one of first to incorporate the principles of aerodynamics to car design.
Incredibly over 70,000 models were sold and it fast became one of the most desired sports cars in the 60’s. If like me, stretching to the purchase of this timeless model is a little out of reach, you can go and admire its curves in the Design Museum Tank till 6th March.
I blogged about Renault’s new TV ad last Saturday, the theme of which was the question ‘What is Va Va Voom?’ I think we’ve found the answer!

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