Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Arther Wellesley, or 1st Duke of Wellington is the gentleman we all have to thank for the humble Wellington Boot. The original version was made from calfskin leather, a modification to the 18thcentrury Hessian model by the Duke’s St James’s Street shoemaker, according to Wikipedia.
Nowadays we are used to seeing an assortment of different patterned boots with Hunter cornering the market being probably the major ‘must have’ brand. This though might all be due to change as a make more familiar to the flip flop market is going to do its best to knock Hunter’s crown from its head. Havaianas have decided that not only do they want to rein king of our favourite summer, good weather foot attire but also our summer bad weather foot attire too. The rather bold coloured designs will be available in Selfridges from April and promise to be the wellie sensation of the year! With all those festivals coming up and (let's face it) the promise of some bad weather during our ‘hottest’ months it will be interesting to see who turns to Team Havaianas and who stays loyal to Team Hunter. 

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