Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Saddle Up!

My birthday falls in January and I was lucky enough to have my Mother whisk me off to Selfridges in order to purchase a new bag for my ‘special’ birthday. I noticed whilst practically melting with desire at the sight of so many fabulous bags that all things Equestrian are decidedly ‘in.’ Now, if you are a fashionista this is something you’ll already be fully aware of, excusez moi for not keeping up with current trends. I suppose it shouldn’t have been a surprise to see every brand display their version of (what I call) the ‘Saddle Bag’ style, some even with the decoration of stirrups! After all you can’t help but notice a new breed of women wearing flesh coloured leggings and black, shiny boots, as if they’ve just dismounted on Oxford St.
I popped into Liberty this afternoon, I was promised from the vinyl stickers in the window that ‘This Season’s Bags’ had arrived in store and who am I to ignore such an invitation? My favourite was the Givenchy ‘Leather Tinhan Hobo’ bag, which (from my basic fashion knowledge of this season) ticked all the boxes. Coincidentally the bag that I ended up gratefully receiving for my ‘special’ birthday was also entitled ‘Hobo’ a word to describe ‘a homeless person; a tramp or vagrant.’  Only in the world of fashion!
You can get this lovely offering from Givenchy at a number of retailers in Black or Nude, both equally desirable and proving that not only are diamonds a girl’s best friend.

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