Saturday, 12 February 2011

Va Va Voom

When I heard that Renault Clio had brought out a new TV ad starring Dita Von Teese I was a little surprised, not two brands you would naturally put together I thought. Renault has dramatically moved on since the subtle, suggestive innocence of the ‘Nicole and Papa’ days, Fat Boy Slim’s remix of Groove Armada’s ‘I see you Baby’ saw off the father and daughter duo well and truly in the rather humorous, bold Megane ad of jiggling bottoms in 2002. So, we are not unfamiliar with coupling this French car manufacturer with sexy images but this is probably taking the risqué feel a step further. The question asked throughout the ad  ‘What is Va Va Voom?’ allows Thierry Henry to put his 10p worth in (well, it wouldn’t be the same otherwise would it?) and of course the lovely Dita to perform a sensual burlesque set, with a short ‘behind the scenes’ moment of her answering the same question. Good advert? I shall leave that question with you -

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