Thursday, 17 February 2011


‘It’s something that will take off’ I said to Rob (my significant other) as I nailed the last framed butterfly to the wall of his office to complete the grid of 28. He, to his credit, was quite taken with the display. I’ve always loved butterflies and had a secret desire to buy some antique taxidermy and this was my opportunity! Initially I had been a bit nervous as (understandably) some people have an issue with buying real fur as they do seeing real butterflies in a frame. However in a situation where the fur or the butterflies are antique and sourced before the issue of ‘animal cruelty’ had come to light this is considered acceptable.
Polly Morgan has put a twist on the traditional look of Taxidermy. Polly has been part of this world  for 7 years now and  is a member of the Guild of Taxidermists. Banksy has been quoted as labelling her ‘Britain’s hottest bird stuffer.’ A number of her subjects are recovered from road kill. In her interview (where I have gained much of her biography from) wit h The Times she says what she really enjoys is capturing ‘the moment between something dying and decaying.’ This may sound morbid but her work shows a real grace, beauty and creative imagination.
Polly is now commanding sizeable sums for her art and her name is rising to dizzy heights, you can see more of her work at

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